Business cards turn into model planes, cars

Japanese company Tamiya promotes itself creatively with business cards that can be turned into model cars and airplanes.

Tamiya business cards

Japanese company Tamiya is known for its vehicle model kits. To promote itself in Thailand, the company released business cards that double as sample model kits. Letters and numbers on the card can be snapped off and assembled into a simple car or airplane model.

It appears this is a limited run meant for shops in Thailand only. But it's a great idea that really defines the identity of the company. The parent firm in Japan should make the car(d) kit standard for its top management, if you ask me. A similar concept is Lego's minifig business cards. But unlike those little figurines, these cards actually fit in your wallet--as long as you resist the urge to assemble them.

(Source: Crave Asia via Gizmodo)

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