Bus-sized 'Game of Thrones' dragon skull lands on beach

If you're going to create a dragon skull for a publicity stunt, you might as well go big. Really big.

Dragon skull
Its fire-breathing days are over. Blinkbox

For me, it's a no-brainer to wish that a series like "Star Trek" was actually real. It's a pretty positive universe, all in all. As for "Games of Thrones," I'm not so sure. The death rate is a little on the high side. Yet, visitors to a Dorset beach in the U.K. recently got a chance to imagine "Game of Thrones" in real life when a massive dragon skull appeared on the shores.

The toothy skull is a splashy publicity stunt from Blinkbox, a streaming video company that is now showing the third season of the popular series. As far as marketing stunts go, I'll take a giant dragon skull over a voice-activated popcorn shooter, but it's a close call.

The skull is the size of a London bus. The location on Charmouth beach is well thought out. The beach is on the Jurassic Coast, an area well known for dinosaur fossils. Perhaps a few amateur paleontologists got a thrill out of it before the actual origins of the cranium were discovered.

It took three sculptors two months to build and paint the 40-foot skull. There's no word on where it will eventually reside. I would like to propose placing it in my front yard as a lawn ornament of doom.

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