Burst Media unveils Thought Leaders Ad Network

Burst Media launches a new vertical ad network called Thought Leaders for a predominantly male audience aged 35 and older.

Online advertising firm Burst Media announced Tuesday that it has launched the Thought Leaders Ad Network for a predominantly male audience aged 35 and older.

According to Burst Media, the new ad network groups 140 Web sites delivering more than 150 million impressions monthly into one vertical network to help advertisers target their intended audience. Joining other Burst ad networks like Entertainment, Moms, and Early Adopters, the Thought Leaders Ad Network will consist of sites and blogs covering news, finance, politics, business, technology, and international affairs.

"Today's thought leaders are drawn more than ever to the real-time updates that news and information Web sites provide," said David Cooperstein, CMO of Burst Media. "As news about the economy, politics, and world events affect decision makers, advertisers have an opportunity to create affinity with them through timely, targeted messages on content rich sites."

Burst Media's decision to boost its vertical ad network offerings follows a slew of announcements by LinkedIn and others that have decided to attract advertisers in much the same way. Advertisers want to target a specific audience with specific interests to get the most bang for their buck, and it's quickly becoming apparent that if ad networks don't respond to that, advertisers will find companies that do.

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