Bungee Labs extends its application hosting options

Bungee Labs will offer its application developers the option to host their applications on the Bungee Grid or Amazon EC2, and via a new application server on their own hosting infrastructure.

Bungee Labs is extending the hosting options for its Web application development environment, Bungee Connect. Today, developers using the Bungee Connect development environment can host their applications on Bungee's multitenant grid in the U.S. and Europe or on Amazon EC2. Beginning in July in public beta, organizations will be able to deploy Bungee Connect applications via the new Bungee Application Server on their own hosting infrastructure.

Bungee Labs, along with Coghead, Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, Joyent, Mosso, salesforce.com, NetSuite, Microsoft and others, is paving the way to platforms-as-a-service--hosted infrastructure for developing and delivering Web applications.

Bungee Labs charges fees based on production deployment of Bungee-powered applications. The billing rate for Bungee Labs' Grid or Amazon EC2 is $0.06 per user-session-hour rounded to the nearest second-per-user-session. For the public beta, no fees will be charged. The Bungee Application Server (with a VMware-based software appliance for managing and deploying applications across servers) for self-hosting applications starts at $500 per server, per month.

The Bungee Application Server will also be available community source licenses, and the company is considering FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) licenses.

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