Budget wired 3D glasses for Nvidia 3D Vision

At Computex 2011, Nvidia launches a wired set of its active-shutter 3D eyewear that costs $50 less than the wireless version.

wired 3D glasses

Nvidia is making 3D more affordable for 3D Vision-ready monitors, projectors, and laptops by launching a wired version of its active-shutter 3D eyewear. Due in late June, each pair costs $99 and comes with a 10-foot USB cable for power. An optional lock lets the glasses be secured to a computer to deter theft.

An existing wireless version is separately available at $149. Nvidia 3D Vision is a proprietary 3D technology for computing devices based on Nvidia's graphics processors such as its latest GTX 560M chip. The system is compatible with high-quality 1080p 3D PC games, 3D Blu-ray movies, and 3D clips streamed online from YouTube.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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