<b>Two utilities updated: OT/PPP Strip 1.0.1 and ScreenShot 2.5.3

Two utilities updated: OT/PPP Strip 1.0.1 and ScreenShot 2.5.3

OT/PPP Strip 1.0.1 is a "free Control Strip module that works with Apple's Open Transport/PPP software to allow you to quickly change PPP configurations, connect, and disconnect OT/PPP without going to the PPP Control Panel. In addition, it can display your current connect time, speed, or activity right in the Control Strip itself, also saving you a trip to the control panel."
The update fixes several bugs, including the one noted here previously that had prevented hard drive spin downs and sleep.

ScreenShot, a screen capture utility from The Beale Street Group has been updated to version 2.5.3. It fixes "a crashing bug and some other minor problems." The update, as well as a demo installer, is available.

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