<b>TechTool 1.1.5 is out; InformInit updated

TechTool 1.1.5 is out; InformInit updated

TechTool Jeff Baudin (of MicroMat) has informed me that TechTool 1.1.5 [538K] is now available. I have already added the update to MacFixIt's Download Library. You can also get it from the MicroMat web site. It adds support for the U.S. version of Mac OS 8 and International versions of Mac OS 7.6.1.

Also available from the MicroMat web site is DNA 010 update [230K] - which allows TechTool Pro to test Mac OS 8 files. TechTool Pro 1.0.5 is still undergoing beta testing and should be available very soon.

Kurt Kroeger claims that this new version may still have problems with the System Analyze feature when using Mac OS 8 on 68040 machines.

InformInit A new version of Dan Frakes' InformInit is also out (it will soon be mirrored here in the Download Library). It is a substantial revision with close to 30 chapters of information on control panels, extensions, and general System software and System Folder information. Yet another update is due in the next few weeks to cover tips and conflicts with OS 8.


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