<b>Symantec utilities and Mac OS 8: NDD Floppy Install Patch and more follow-ups

Symantec utilities and Mac OS 8: NDD Floppy Install Patch and more follow-ups

Some clarifications on yesterday's item regarding Norton Utilities 3.5.1 and a word about the Suitcase update:

a. NDD Floppy Install Patch Symantec's John Harrison has informed me that a NDD Floppy Install Patch has been released. It allows you to update versions of NDD installed from a floppy disk. (Thanks also to Fred Palumbo for spotting this.)

b. John Harrison also noted: "We do not support the 'Pre-Patch' that you have posted or users modifying NDD via ResEdit." None-the-less, several readers have reported success in using these fixes to prevent the -192 error problem.

c. The CD-ROM disc for Norton Utilities 3.5.1 will not contain a Mac OS 8 System Folder. It will still use Mac OS 7.6.1. However, if you want to use a Norton Utilities CD as a startup disc and (for example) use the updated 3.5.1 version of Norton Disk Doctor to repair a internal hard drive, you will need to get the replacement CD; just getting the online update will obviously not suffice. [As mentioned previously, users that have NU 3.5 can receive a CD Replacement Set ($10, plus s/h) by contacting Symantec at 1-800-441-7234.] A suggested alternative is to use the version 3.5 CD as a startup disc and then run NDD 3.5.1 from a copy on a floppy disk. However, this would be problematic on my PowerBook 3400, as I cannot access the CD and the floppy disk drives at the same time! Other alternatives include using either a startup floppy disk or external hard drive with version NU 3.5.1 installed.

d. As now noted by David Ryeburn (and several others), the Symantec Suitcase 3.0.2 Updater only updates a fat version of Suitcase 3.0 and 3.0.1.

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