Bsquare bringing Flash to Android phones

Flash for Android phones is growing nearer: Bsquare plans on Wednesday to discuss a deal to port the Adobe technology to Google's Android operating system.

This story has been corrected. See below for details.

Adobe is working on a version of Flash for Google's Android mobile phone operating system, but it turns out it's not the only one.

On Wednesday, embedded software specialist Bsquare plans to detail its work in the area. "Bsquare has been tapped by a global tier 1 carrier to port the Adobe Flash technology to the Android platform," according to a message sent to reporters about the news. The company already has ported Flash to more than 100 embedded devices.

Flash is a software foundation that's popular for games, video streaming, and other more sophisticated Web site features, but it's mostly a fixture on PCs rather than mobile devices. Apple's iPhone, the technological leader among smartphones by many accounts, doesn't support Flash .

Google Android leader Andy Rubin demonstrated Flash on the T-Mobile G1 Android phone at an Adobe conference in November.

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Corrected 8:06 a.m. PDT to reflect updated information from Bsquare that says it's porting Flash technology, not Adobe's player itself, to Android, and that it's ported Flash to 100 embedded devices in general, not 100 Android devices.

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