Browser patches yearn to be free

Mozilla just patched a bug in Firefox in three days, something Microsoft just can't match

All web browsers have bugs, but when simply viewing a web page can infect your computer with malicious software, the speed with which bugs are found and fixed is critical. It may be the most important yardstick by which to measure any web browser.

For Windows users, the choice between Firefox and Internet Explorer isn't a contest at all. Microsoft is slow in fixing IE bugs , being locked into a once a month cycle. Not Firefox.

Mozilla released version 3.02 of Firefox on Tuesday. It had a bug. Happens all the time. What doesn't happen all the time is that the bug was fixed quickly and version 3.03 of Firefox was released on Friday.

Anyone interested in Defensive Computing doesn't want their bug fixes idling at the gate waiting for the one day a month when they are set free.

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    Michael Horowitz wrote his first computer program in 1973 and has been a computer nerd ever since. He spent more than 20 years working in an IBM mainframe (MVS) environment. He has worked in the research and development group of a large Wall Street financial company, and has been a technical writer for a mainframe software company.

    He teaches a large range of self-developed classes, the underlying theme being Defensive Computing. Michael is an independent computer consultant, working with small businesses and the self-employed. He can be heard weekly on The Personal Computer Show on WBAI.



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