Broadband Surf Report: St. Patrick's Day

What looks good in broadband news for March 17.

Our St. Patrick's day look at telecom news around the Web:

Muncipal Report: Verizon, SBC Chiefs play dumb--Broadband Reports

Municipal broadband situation report--A nice roundup from Daily Wireless

TiVo shares zoom up on Comcast deal--San Francisco Chronicle

Does your Wi-Fi hotspot have an evil twin?--PC World puts the fear of hackers into you.

Cingular, Verizon to share picture messages--Ziff Davis

Motorola Delayed iTunes Phone Due to Apple's Concerns--TechNewsWorld

And, just because ... Irish broadband roundup--Daily Wireless

Comment on one of these stories? A link we missed that you want to post? Visit the comments page and share a pint of Guinness ...

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