Broadband Surf Report: March 1

What looks good in broadband news for March 1.

Our daily look at telecom news around the Web (Paris Hilton-free!):

Costa Rica may criminalize VoIP--Techweb

Wireless companies turn their eyes to TV--Investor's Business Daily

Facial recognition secures cell phones--PC World

Mobile spam alert: Covering the same report, Information Week notes that wireless spam has doubled and Telephony Online's jaw drops on hearing that it totals 43 percent of all text messages.

Public Wi-Fi networks slow to take off at airports--USA Today

Skype delivers text messaging for global wireless networks--Newsfactor

Cablevision's Voom deal falls through--The Street

Pre-WiMAX ISP to trial citywide voice service--Mobile Pipeline

Comment on one of these stories? A link we missed that you want to post? We'll see you on the comments page ...

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