Broadband Surf Report: Jan. 6

Feast on the epiphanies gleaned from today's survey of broadband and wireless news.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, at least one editor a'leaping brings you our morning survey of broadband and wireless news. Partridges and pear trees not included.

Anti-piracy patents for cell phones pooled--eWeek

Alltel nears deal to acquire Western Wireless--The Wall Street Journal (subscription site)

Samsung talks up speech-to-text phone--TechNewsWorld

Vendor Claims It Is Developing Mobile WiMAX System--Mobile Pipeline

Broadcom secures WLANs in one push of a button--Infoworld

DoCoMo to spearhead Super 3G rollout--Infoworld

Toshiba Ships Tiny 2GB Hard Drive For Mobile Devices--Mobile Pipeline

Moto leans on HSDPA--Unstrung

VOIP keeps fueling cable growth--Light Reading

Wi-Fi-enabled digital camera--via a Slashdot post

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