Broadband Surf Report: Jan. 5

What looks good in broadband news for Jan. 5.

(More or less) every morning (Pacific time), our editors check the Web for broadband news and announcements. The cream of that crop gets planted here. So to speak.

AT&T, TI team on VoIP platform--Information Week

Next-gen wireless will threaten landline broadband--study--Information Week

Linksys claims eightfold speed increase for router, adapter--Networking Pipeline

Sat radio recording moves ahead--Wired

Stalking the wild Wi-Fi network--Wired

Cisco, Nortel vie for Comcast deal--Light Reading

Time Warner confirms Sprint talks--Light Reading

New Edge, MCI find IP boom--Telephony Online

FCC approves Samsung 3G/Wi-Fi smart phone--Wi-Fi Planet

Bell Labs grapples with VOIP, open source--Infoworld

A new MIMO player in town--Wi-Fi Planet

Comment on one of these stories? A link we missed that you want to post? We'll see you on the comments page ...

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