Broadband Surf Report: Jan. 4

What looks good in broadband news for the fourth day of 2005.

Welcome to the first Broadband Surf Report of 2005. Our editors wade through the Internet ebb and flow to test the waters of broadband news, which they collate and wrap in wet metaphors for your enjoyment.

VOIP's mainstream move--eWeek

Qwest delays residential VoIP--Telephony Online

Sonus Networks carried 10 billion minutes of VoIP traffic in December--Networking Pipeline

Ford to offer factory-installed Sirius satellite radio--The Wall Street Journal (subscription site)

SBC plans Set-top box with Web links--eWeek

Cingular, Lucent trial 3mbps HSDPA service--Unstrung

World's wireless carriers to supercharge 3G--TechNewsWorld

P2p file sharing is increasing--with most use in

SBC sees IPTV interference--Light Reading

China Telecom launches IPTV--Light Reading

SureWest upgrades to 3 Mbps, slashes prices--Telephony Online

Wireless Net calling targets masses--USA Today

West Hollywood seeks citywide Wi-Fi provider--Muni Wireless

The future of Wi-Fi--Networking Pipeline

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