Broadband Surf Report: Jan. 18

What looks good in broadband news for Jan. 18.

On this august day in telecom history--the 150th birthday of Thomas A. Watson, the Watson needed by Alexander Graham Bell during the first telephone call--we bring you the express stops on our daily tour of broadband and networking news around the Net.

Cablevision board to debate fate of satellite unit--Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

Nebraska introduces anti-municipal broadband bill--Muni Wireless

Toshiba software will remotely control PCs by cell phone--Infoworld

WiMAX certification hits delay--Networking Pipeline

Shedding light on dark fiber--eWeek

Broadband booms in new EU--Light Reading

Active RFID meets Wi-Fi to ease asset tracking--Information Week

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Featured Video

Behmor's app controlled coffee maker links to the Web for better brewing

The $329 Behmor Connected Coffee Brewer boasts the guts of an SCAA-approved drip coffee maker melded with a Wi-Fi radio, plus Internet links and mobile app control all in the interest of creating better pots of java.

by Brian Bennett