Broadband Surf Report: Feb. 4

What looks good in broadband news for Feb. 4.

Our daily (unless you count yesterday) look at telecom news around the Web ... now with extra municipal goodness:

Verizon sniffing around

Municipal Wi-Fi: Let's keep it local--eWeek rounds up and chews over a bunch of related stories.

Is anti-municipal broadband report astroturf?--Slashdot joins in scoffing at a report from a group that appears to be deep in the pockets of the telecom industry.

Business model for municipal broadband in Sweden--Muni Wireless

DOE lowers the lights with wireless mesh--Wi-Fi Planet

AOL marches toward VoIP rollout--Light Reading

Sprint's got WiMax plans--Light Reading

'WiPhishing' said to threaten Wi-Fi users--Mobile Pipeline

Nortel sues ex-execs for repayment of 2003 bonuses--Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

Broadband components will grow to $10.8 billion by 2008: study--Networking Pipeline

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by Brian Bennett