Broadband Surf Report: Feb. 15

What looks good in broadband news for Jan 15.

Our daily look at telecom news around the Web:

Nokia introduces new phones--eWeek

T-Mobile ups focus on mobile workers--Infoworld

How Verizon-MCI deal may affect business customers--Information Week

Qwest CEO 'disappointed' at MCI-Verizon deal--Information Week

Alcatel, Intel agree to WiMAX development effort--AFP

Texas bill would restrict municipal broadband--Muni Wireless

Broadcom aims multimedia chip at phones--Infoworld

TI: Technology could cut cell phone prices--Associated Press

3Mbps data speeds predicted as mainstream in 2006--Mobile Pipeline

NJ in line for speedy fiber

NTT DoCoMo confronts 'dark side' of mobile phones--Mobile Pipeline

Comment on one of these stories? A link we missed that you want to post? We'll see you on the comments page ...

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