British pop band plays Pac-Manhattan!

A new twist on the ITP-created game.

Geeky, oddball music videos have been all the rage since OK Go hit it big by dancing on treadmills for their song "Here It Goes Again." Well, here's the latest addition to that trend. A similarly-named band, Britain's The Go! Team, created a music video for their song "Junior Kickstart" in which they run around the streets of New York City playing live-action Pac-Man.

The video's cool. But "Pac-Manhattan" is nothing new; the concept first surfaced as a final project by students at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program a few years ago. That "big gaming" experiment eventually led to the Come Out and Play Festival, which Daniel Terdiman and I covered for CNET in September. Sadly, there was no Pac-Manhattan offering, but we had a lot of fun hijacking payphones, killing with kindness, and playing uber-Space Invaders.

(Via Web Junk TV.)

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