pulls plug on user-generated video

Company decides to ditch consumer-generated video and will only use the site to host the professional videos that it collaborates on with businesses.

Update at 6:10 a.m. Wednesday: Specific information about when uploads will cease has been added.

Online video company Brightcove has decided to pull itself out of the user-generated content race dominated by YouTube.

Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire said Tuesday in a blog post that the company will pull the plug on the user-submitted video portion of As of December 18, the company will no longer upload user-generated video.

In the future, the site will serve only as a place for Brightcove to host the professional videos that it collaborates on with businesses.

I had personally never viewed Brightcove as a hot spot for user-submitted content, but rather as more of a solution for businesses. I think its decision is a good move for Brightcove and will help it to focus on its efforts and partnerships with companies. Since Brightcove never really established a strong user base for consumer-submitted content, the real value in its service lies in customized, Web-based video for businesses.

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