Brightcove opens up content distribution on Boxee

Online video platform, Brightcove, is opening up Boxee as an additional distribution channel to its customers.

Brightcove is one of the leaders in the digital distribution of video content. They have landed such big customers as Showtime, Fox, Sony, AOL, and The New York Times. Starting today, Brightcove is going to make it easy for their customers to create branded channels for Boxee, the killer media center app whose popularity has been snowballing. The flagship customer for this partnership is Condé Naste Digital, who will be serving up its content in its own Boxee channel.

I think that this will be a great partnership for these two companies for a couple of reasons. First, while Boxee already has a lot of great content, it was in need of a simpler way for publishers to create content for its channels. With this new partnership, Boxee can just point publishers to Brightcove to create their own channels. Brightcove also benefits here due to the new customers that they will get, who are trying to take advantage of Boxee publishing, thus growing their business even further.

This new feature allows content publishers a great distribution channel for their content, while still being able to control advertising and monitor analytics. By making the Boxee channel creation process more accessible to more people, I think that we should see a surge of new content for the service in the coming months and year.

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