Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker brings all the pizzerias home

The Breville BPZ600XL Crispy Crust Pizza Maker is designed to bring high-heat pizza baking to the countertop. Settings for thin, medium, and thick crusts offer options to explore.

The Breville BPZ600XL Crispy Crust Pizza Maker stays hot, waiting for a new quest.
The Breville BPZ600XL Crispy Crust Pizza Maker stays hot, waiting for a new quest. Williams-Sonoma

The search for pizza never ends. But unlike other quests, hunting for the perfect slice is not fraught with peril and possible despair; instead the path is lined with deliciousness. Occasionally, a truly unremarkable specimen may foil us, but the possibility for the restoration of hope is always only but a bite away. With so many trials and tribulations along the way, a clear picture of common pitfalls starts to emerge. No, it's not what is in clear view on top of the pizza, but rather, what lurks underneath. Pizza is all about the crust.

If the crust fails us, the whole structure can degrade into nothingness; or worse: sogginess. Everybody has his own criteria for finding the perfect pizza, but practically nobody likes a soggy crust. For the home, this has always been a challenge. Pizza hacks have been developed by enterprising perfect pizza searchers that have been meant to get maximum temperature out of the home oven. But now, the Breville BPZ600XL Crispy Crust Pizza Maker ($149.95) promises to bring crust satisfaction to the countertop.

With dual heating elements and a built-in baking stone, the 1,200-watt covered appliance captures the high heat that is so important for pizza baking. Designed to reach temperatures up to 660 Fahrenheit, the pizza oven can produce a delicious homemade pizza in about 10 minutes. Complete with settings for thin, medium, and thick crusts, the pizza maker is meant to satisfy fans of any pizza variety and perhaps even challenge those assumptions along the way. Luckily, just like having another slice, there is always room for another quest.

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