Brazil wants Google info on alleged pedophiles

A Brazilian governmental panel wants information from Google's Orkut social-networking service on thousands of suspected pedophiles.

A panel of the Brazilian senate has ordered Google to provide access to account information for 3,261 suspected pedophiles who've used Google's Orkut social-networking service, Agence France-Presse reported Wednesday.

Under the order, a Senate committee investigating pedophilia would receive Google information identifying Orkut users who publish criminal material--information the search giant has refused to give to the Brazilian government, according to AFP.

In addition, the chief of Google's Brazilian operations, Alexandre Hohagen, told the panel Google will take measures to stop child pornography and hate crimes on Orkut, The Associated Press reported.

In August, Google had banned users who allegedly had spread child pornography and hate speech regarding blacks, homosexuals, and Jews, but had refused to share the users' identities with Brazil, citing U.S. privacy laws, the AP said.

Nobody's surprised that the same old legal and moral issues about sex have made their way to the Internet, but dealing with them has been tough. For example, grappled for months with sex offender issues, and in January unveiled a plan to make its site safer for teens.

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