Brain thing acts as CPU meter, enters your nightmares

I want this. I want this. I want this. I want this.

I like Japanese artist Mio Lizawa because he's the kind of guy who sits around and thinks, "My, wouldn't it be great if my PC had some sort of pulsating, frightening, brain-like thing hanging out of the side of it?" and then goes out and builds just such a thing.

"Mechanical Tumor" is art. At least I think it is. And it's functional: the more CPU usage his computer is experiencing, the larger the, uh, thing gets. Write a letter to grandma and it sits there rather quietly. Start playing Warcraft and it grows and pulsates and frightens. I can't ascertain exactly what materials Mechanical Tumor is made of, but I suspect it's made of evil and the sins of children.

I'm hoping that Lizawa can find a way to market this blob, maybe as a USB device. But I hope it doesn't get too popular--I want to be able to sit it on the table at my coffee shop whilst I blog, but I don't want everyone to have seen one before.

(Via Register Hardware)

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