<b>PowerBook 1400 and Mac OS 8: The good news and the bad news

PowerBook 1400 and Mac OS 8: The good news and the bad news

The good news Several readers (such as Patrick Debaumarche) have reported a largely unpublicized bonus when installing Mac OS 8 on a PowerBook 1400: The Contrast/Brightness manual controls have live visual feedback onscreen, with gauges showing the current values." This also works on the Duo 2300, the PB 5300, 500 and 190 series. One report even claims this works on a PowerMac 6100/60av with an AudioVision monitor.

The bad news Several other readers (including Ed Keith and Stephen Fromm) report crashes on startup after installing Mac OS 8 on their PowerBook 1400 (usually with an "illegal instruction" error message). It turned out to be an extension conflict with Apple's "infrared" IrDALib and IrLanScannerPPC extensions. Disable them and the problem disappears.

Update: Gordon Orriell reported the same problem on his PowerBook 5300.

Mac OS 8 Finder Update mystery I recently received a file called Mac OS 8 Finder Update (with a modification date of July 24). It appears to come directly from Apple, although I had not heard of it before. It comes with a Read Me file that says: "On some Macintosh models a 'system freeze' occurs when a menu is clicked when there is not enough free system memory. This extension should fix that problem. It is recommended that you install this extension even if you have not yet encountered the error."

Any one know the scoop on this file? Is it really helpful? Or was it dropped because it was found to be buggy or not needed after all?


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