<b>Power Computing PowerBase blinking question mark issue: a follow-up

Power Computing PowerBase blinking question mark issue: a follow-up

A while back, we reported a warm restart blinking question mark problem that was especially prevalent in PowerBase clones running Mac OS 8. At the the time, Power Computing said it was investigating this and had no sure solution (although it appeared related to disk driver software).

Wes Ferguson sent me a recent follow-up on this matter: "I have a PowerBase 603e/200 with a 1.2 Gb Seagate IDE (ATA) hard drive. It had the warm start blinking question mark problem. I contacted Power Computing yesterday and was told, after providing the serial number of my computer, that my drive was one that needed to be replaced because of faulty firmware and that they would ship me a replacement drive."

This is essentially the solution offered by Apple for a similar problem with some of their models (as similarly reported here on MacFixIt).


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