<b>PointCast points to OSL 1.2/CFM-68K 4.0 problem

PointCast points to OSL 1.2/CFM-68K 4.0 problem

a. A web page on PointCast's site includes the following statement: "We have found a serious bug in Apple's recently released ObjectSupportLib 1.2 (a component of the CFM-68K 4.0 fix). We have reported the bug to Apple, but have received no information on when a fix will be available. (It should be noted that this bug may ultimately affect all applications which rely on CFM-68K 4.0.)" (Thanks, Noah Fulmer.)

There is no date as to when this was posted nor any more information about exactly what the bug is. Reports of problems with this software have been mentioned here before, so I am not sure whether to treat this as a new issue. I have contacted PointCast for clarification but have not yet received a reply.

Update: The May 6 Macintosh Daily Journal (available only by email subscription) covered this issue. It strongly suggests that this is indeed a newly discovered bug. It involves the Gestalt selector and can cause system crashes. The problem only affects 68K Macs.

b. Meanwhile, version 1.0.1 of PointCast Network for Power Macintosh is now out. Presumably, it fixesvarious bugs that had been reported with the previous version. It also adds six new channels (including The Wall Street Journal, Pathfinder, and TechWeb) and a Control Strip module.


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