Boxee TV early adopters get 3 months of free service, reduced $10 monthly fee

Boxee TV is offering a slew of promotions for early adopters, including a reduced monthly fee, three free months of Netflix, and $6 Vudu credit.

Boxee TV interface

Boxee TV is already beginning to show up at Wal-Mart, and now there's a good reason to head there sooner, rather than later.

Boxee has released some additional promotional details for early adopters of Boxee TV. If you purchase a Boxee TV during the holiday season, you'll get three months of free month of "No Limits DVR" service, plus you'll get a reduced $10 monthly fee for the lifetime of your subscription.

Early adopters will also get three months of free Netflix, for both new and current subscribers; if you're a current subscriber, three months will be added to your existing subscription. Boxee is also offering a $6 Vudu credit during the promotion window.

In addition to the holiday promotions, Boxee also announced the official list of apps that will be supported at launch: Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Pandora, Vimeo, Spotify, MLB.TV, TED, WSJ, and Cloudee. That's a far cry from the selection offered by the Boxee Box, and there are some notable omissions, including Amazon Instant and Hulu Plus.

Altogether, it's quite a lot of incentives to check out Boxee's "cloud DVR," especially at its low $100 price point. Review units are being sent out soon, and I'm looking forward to checking out how it compares to other over-the-air recording options like Simple.TV, Aereo, and TiVo Premiere.

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