updates its search to go inside your files now lets you search through your files based on what's inside them, not just the name. is rolling out a new version of its search engine that lets users search for information found within the files they've stored on the service. Previously its system only worked with file names and user-created tags. The new tool will index text within Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, user descriptions, and's recently-added Web documents service .

This is an important feature to add, and one that's long overdue. For things like videos and image files it was not a big deal since the built-in preview tools made viewing the content within your folders quite simple. For documents, however, the only real quick way to go about hunting through them was to name them properly the first time, or use an appropriate OpenBox service to preview the file within your browser. For businesses or individuals with a large number of files stored on Box's servers, both of these solutions break down quickly.

The company is rolling this out to users, both free and business accounts, over the next few weeks.

Search results now go through your saved files to find words or phrases within. You also get a preview of what it found.
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