Bose teams up with the Chevy Volt

Hear all about how Chevrolet partnered up with Bose Sound Systems to create a high-quality, energy-efficient stereo system for the 2011 Volt electric hybrid car.

After all the informative video thrown your way this week, you may be wondering if there's anything about the 2011 Chevy Volt that isn't more efficient than other vehicles. Sorry, but even the stereo isn't one of them. Today's video clip is about how professional audio titan Bose got involved in the making of Chevrolet's electric hybrid car set for release later this year.

In this video, Ed Peper, Chevy's North American vice president, introduces the partnership between the American auto manufacturer and Bose in the conception and creation of an energy-efficient sound system that made its debut with the Chevy Volt at the 2009 Chicago auto show. Bose Product Marketing Manager John Pelliccio is also on hand to explain what exactly is so "energy efficient" about the new Bose system that is installed on the Volt and how it still maintains the Bose sound quality. As an audiophile, I wish the video was a little more detailed about how this new Bose system works (and a practical demonstration would have been nice, too), it still shows the lengths that Chevrolet is going to in order to create a forward-thinking e-car that can compete with any other car of its ilk here in the United States and across the world.

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