Borg cube wedding cake will assimilate your taste buds

A cube-shaped wedding cake is no big deal, but a Borg cube-shaped wedding cake is enough to make Trekkies everywhere want to get married.

Borg cube wedding cake

Redditor pat_inthehat has an aunt who makes weddding cakes. That in itself is pretty cool, but his rocking aunt recently made a Borg cube wedding cake, complete with small starships and lights. Yes, lights!

The cake comes from the Sugarplum Cake Shoppe in Colorado Springs, Colo. That's a sweet name for a bakery that has embodied one of the deadliest, most unrelenting, and dark enemies from the "Star Trek" universe in cake form.

The bakery didn't just slap some icing on a box shape. The level of detail verges on insanity. Little Enterprises orbit around the black and green icing. Even the Klingons and Ferengi get in on the spaceship action, though I'm not sure what the Ferengi stand to gain here.

I'm imagining this gathering of alien species united for a common cause is a metaphor for the unity of a wedding, or something like that. Since I didn't get an invite to the geekiest nuptials of the year, I hope someone thought to save me a piece with a light on it.

(Via Wedinator)

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