Bordeaux fireplace: A $1,700 bad idea

The Bordeaux electric fireplace heats your room and chills your wine, all in a single unit.

Bordeaux fireplace

When you first see the Bordeaux electric fireplace, you might think, "Gee, this looks like an attractive way to get a fireplace in my living room without installing a chimney. A real wood mantle! Actual heat! Remote-controlled convenience!"

But then you open the side panels to reveal hidden storage--for wine. Wine, right next to a heat source. And that heat source is capable of warming up to 400 square feet.

I can kind of get what manufacturer Muskoka is going for; after all, who doesn't enjoy a glass of wine while warming up next to the fire? And to the company's credit, half of the wine storage is in the form of the hardest-working 12-bottle wine fridge around.

However, as someone who's spent the last few months worrying about how much summer temperatures will affect some of my stored wines, I have a hard time accepting that anyone would pay $1,700 to keep their wines right next to a heater. What do you think: does anything redeem this idea?

Via Appliancist

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