BOL 1068: You can't survive the stink!

AT&T lets you pay for its network holes, Chrysler puts auto manuals on DVD (and how are you supposed to use that in the car?), MySpace says its video portal is here now, and USB 3.0 is here.

AT&T lets you pay for its network holes, Chrysler puts auto manuals on DVD (and how are you supposed to use that in the car?), MySpace says its video portal is here now, USB 3.0 is here, Europe gives Google a green light to sell ads to the black marketers, and when you're dead on the Web, you're dead.



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AT&T breaks out its new 3G Microcell

3G MicroCells: Carriers want you to pay extra to fix their own failures

Ford CEO Alan Mullalley to deliver 'opening keynote' at CES

Pioneer iPhone app links to car head units for easier destination entry

Chrysler ditching paper manuals, going digital

EU backs Google over Louis Vuitton,2817,2353142,00.asp?kc=PCRSS03069TX1K0001121

Facebook/Nielsen partnership

MySpace unleashes two-way syncing with Twitter

Hulu/MySpace video thing

First USB 3.0 product certified

Netflix awards $1 million prize, announces another one

Why Netflix can’t wait to go all online

Mike: on iPhone battery logging

Re: Apple battery life
Quick notes.

1. Apple was contacting customers about iPhone 3.1, not the iPhone 3GS specifically. The gorilla and the iPhone 3G would be covered by this, too.
2. And no, it’s not “a lot of work”. You click a flippin’ link in Mail, tap an Install button, and move on with your life.



Hey Buzz crew, it's Kevin from Philadelphia and guess who’s a Windows 7 launch party host? Luckily I”m planning my birthday party that weekend, but YES Windows swaggg. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll win the $750 PC. Just between us, the fastest computer I own is half the processor speed necessary for Windows 7. Shhh don’t tell Microsoft I want the Windows-branded napkins!



Dear Buzz crew,

I think it is a bit sad that when Gmail removed the “beta” tag from the logo it was big news, a trending topic on Twitter, and mentioned on the show, but when Yahoo Mail makes some legitimate one really notices.

Just a few days ago Yahoo Mail got a face-lift and added application support, but it wasn’t even mentioned on the show. I know you guys simply cover what people are interested in and NO ONE seems interested in what’s going on at Yahoo Mail anymore. As someone who has been using the same Yahoo Mail account for over a decade I find it sad that Yahoo has lost the mind share and, largely due to its lack of innovation in the past, gets no notice for innovating now.

Just thought I’d share my thoughts with you guys and encourage you to at least check out the updates at Yahoo Mail. There are still a few of us who like the service…

Thanks for the great show!

Clayton from Oklahoma.

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iPhone 6S chip controversy over battery life

Not all new iPhones have the same processor chip, but Apple says differences in performance are minimal. Apple also pulls ad-blocking apps over privacy concerns, and Netflix raises its price again.

by Bridget Carey