Bodum bounces clear into baking

The Bodum Bistro 5-Quart Capacity Electric Stand Mixer offers a unique take on the classic kitchen appliance.

Even with a clear transparent top, the Bodum stand mixer stands out.
Even with a clear transparent top, the Bodum stand mixer stands out. Bodum

Kitchen appliances for generations have been sleek, shiny things not designed to particularly appeal to our senses as much as to convey a sense of almost clinical utility. The hearth of the home, being what it is -- a place of warmth and sustenance -- has in recent years seen a growing trend of kitchen gear and gadgets being more colorful than shiny. Bright splashes of color appeal to a broad range of consumers, but sometimes it is the complete lack of color that offers something more.

The Bodum Bistro 5-Quart Capacity Electric Stand Mixer ($400) updates a kitchen classic with a modern design. Featuring a clear, transparent rounded top, the stand mixer adds an element of intrigue to a time-honored kitchen essential. True to Bodum's style, the body housing is rubber-sprayed and available in a variety of bright colors meant to add a unique texture into any kitchen.

Complete with a beater, a dough hook, and a whisk, the set of included attachments lets home bakers put the kitchen to good use. Considering the amount of baked goods that can be made with the one appliance, that could mean a lot of cookies and cake in the near future. How it stands up to the classic examples of stand mixers (read: the KitchenAid) remains to be seen, but those looking to bounce their kitchen in a new direction may want to take note.

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