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Odds &amp; Ends

Floppy Fix early reports Three readers have now reported that the new Floppy Fix patch, installed on an appropriate Mac model, had no effect on their floppy mounting speed. However, several readers have since reported success with the Fix. Stay tuned as I try to sort all this out. Craig Cox had to restart twice before the extension had any effect.

Update: Michael Harrison found that the Fix fixed floppy drive problems he was having on his 540c, even though this is not one of the models listed as supporting this Fix. Similarly, Albert Lilly said the Fix also helped floppy loading time on his Performa 6116CD.

Update: In general, reader response continues to be split, with many readers saying the fix does not work while others say it does.

Internet Explorer and Internet Mail And News windows glitch Several readers have reported that when clicking the Mail or News buttons in the Explorer 3.0 toolbar, Internet Mail and News loads and starts to open an endless series of new untitled windows until an out of memory message appears. (I could not confirm this on my Mac.)

Update: Many many readers confirmed this problem (it may affect only some Mac models - perhaps just Performas). In any case, a work-around is to launch the Mail and News application from the desktop, rather than from Explorer's buttons.

Power Computing and G3 upgrades The MRP has been covering the issue of Power Computing clones and G3 daughterboard upgrades (will they work or won't they?).

HDT 2.0.6 The MRP also has a follow-up on Eric's PowerBook 3400 IDE internal hard drive getting trashed after updating its driver with HDT 2.0.6 under Mac OS 8. His first bit of advice, with which I completely agree no matter what driver you are using, is most pertinent: "In general, never use FWB's 'update driver' option on the current boot volume, even though it allows you to do so and usually causes no harm." I have received a scattering of other reports of problems with HDT 2.0.6, but no multiple reports of any specific symptom as yet.

Foam Gaskets for battery problem in the 3400 We previously reported on this issue back in July. The gasket is now officially available and, as reported on O'Grady's Power Page, Apple has a TIL file explaining how to install it.



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