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Odds &amp; Ends

CPU upgrade price comparison The AbsoluteMac web site is now tracking CPU upgrade prices.

Font Reserve; hello? Anybody have success in reaching DiamondSoft, makers of Font Reserve, recently? One reader claims that he and several other users have been unable to contact them by email or phone for over a month.

Update: Three readers say they heard from DiamondSoft today. One said he too had been waiting for over a month without a word. DiamondSoft told him "they have had some growing pains and problems and were hiring additional support personnel."

VirtualPC network problem solution? Vin Capone was having the reported problem connecting Virtual PC to an IPX network. He writes: "I was using a Netware Network IPX Frame Type of 802.3. Connectix Said the Virtual PC will only work with a Frame Type of 802.2. Changed the bindings and it connects just fine."

Trouble loading MacFixIt? Have you found that the MacFixIt page was loading slower than usual in the last few days? If so, the problem was not with our new server. It was a more general problem affecting connection to the Internet backbone from where the MacFixIt site is hosted. It now appears that the situation is improving - although not yet completely resolved.



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