Boarding helps you find other stranded travelers

Stuck at the airport for the holidays? So are some other people, and they might be Twitter users. Find them with the Boarding Project.

If you're going to be traveling solo in a few weeks for round two of the holiday season, worth checking out is the Boarding Project. It's a social service that uses Twitter to helps you meet up with others at the same airport. To use it you simply tweet #boarding along with your airport code. It'll send you a reply with a link to the other Twitter users who you can message directly to meet up with.

What's neat is that Boarding Project's system does not require users to sign up for anything. It also seems to be keeping an eye out for any FAA or IATA airport code mentions in public tweets, and will send a reply to that user urging them to check in to see who's there.

The service plans to make money by offering special coupons to travelers, which could be shaped around any contextually relevant information from their Twitter stream. I didn't get any with my reply, but a discounted meal or bookstore coupon could make a delay or layover that much more bearable.

The Boarding Project can show you other stranded Twitterers at airports. CNET Networks
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