<b>Now that's &quot;plug-and-play&quot;

Now that's &quot;plug-and-play&quot;

I recently acquired a PowerBook 3400 and proceeded to set up an Ethernet connection between it and my Power Mac 7500. I have previously covered some issues involved in doing this in a MacFixIt Report on networking. Eric Belsley also delved into this awhile back on the MRP. In my case, I bought a DaynaSTAR Ethernet MiniHub (about $75 or less) to connect the machines. My point in mentioning all this is simply to say how wonderfully easy this was to do. I simply plugged a 10BASE-T cable into the Ethernet port of both the 7500 and the 3400 with the other end of each cable going to the MiniHub. Then I selected Ethernet from the AppleTalk control panel of each machine. That was it. After that, I turned on file sharing and I was transferring files between machines at a rate that far exceeded LocalTalk speeds.


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