BMW's most actualized 7-series

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2011 BMW 740i.

2011 BMW 740i
Josh Miller/CNET

BMW 7-series models often don't live up to their potential. They sit in traffic with 8- and even 12-cylinder engines idling away, never approaching their full horsepower. Even when their owners take them out on highways, the tachometer rarely gets even halfway toward the redline. But the new 740i is a BMW you can really drive.

Sure, it only has a six-cylinder engine. But this engine has twin turbos, and is an updated version of what had previously been used in the 335i. It only produces 326 horsepower, which may sound low for a big sedan. But in 99 percent of driving situations, it is more than enough power. In cornering, the legendary BMW engineering makes this car scramble through the turns, just like the 3-series from which it got its engine.

Check out our 2011 BMW 740i review .


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