BMW M3 as concept

BMW unveiled the new M3 at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show.

The all new BMW M3, except it's only a concept.
The all new BMW M3, except it's only a concept. CNET Networks

Sure, it's just a concept. Nothing to get excited about. Concepts hardly ever make it intact to production, anyway. But it's the new M3, and we're just going to go ahead and get our hopes up anyway. BMW unveiled the new M3 at the 2007 Geneva auto show, and this picture hardly does it justice. It's a sleek, beautiful-looking car and we want it now. In the press materials, BMW nonchalantly says that it will use a high-performance V-8, typical of what you would expect in an M3. We actually expect quite a bit.

The car keeps its weight down with carbon fiber, most notably for the roof. BMW chose to make the carbon fiber visible, giving the roof an almost translucent look. That design element might be the only thing we're willing to part with for the production version. The concept's multiple air ducts and bulging hood signal its power. All we can say is, BMW better get it to market in a hurry, what with Audi S4s everywhere you look and the Lexus IS-F already announced.

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