<b>More on Netscape Communicator problems

More on Netscape Communicator problems

I received much email on many of the topics covered in yesterday's postings. Many were confirmations, while a few claimed that they were not having a particular posted problem. As always, your mileage mayvary (at least until we learn more specifics of the cause of a problem).

Several new problems were also noted. Info about Netscape Communicator clearly dominated the day. Here are just a few follow-ups to the previous item:

In addition to the slow menu drop-downs, people are also reporting slow typing in email windows.
There is a problem with graphic rendering, as described on a special page at the Macintosh News Network.
The option to "Enable Java" in the Advanced Preferences window is not active in the 68K version of Communicator.
Finally, Ian Sokoloff writes that he solved his Java problem by deleting a folder in the Netscape Preferences folder called "Security" - placed there by his previous version of Navigator.
Update: Craig Olson found that he only needed to delete the "Certficates7" file in the Security folder to get his Java brewing again (on his Power Mac).

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