<b>Miscellaneous issues with Mac peripherals

Miscellaneous issues with Mac peripherals

a. Farallon Two readers (Rolf Kocherhans and Bill Bauldry) had a similar problem getting their Farallon AirDock to work (especially with Mac OS 7.6.1?). They both use a Power Mac 8500 which, for some odd reason, appears to be the key factor. According to Bill, Farallon confirmed that "the AirDock works fine with OT on a 3400, 7600, or 9500, just not the 8500." (However, another report suggests that this problem may extend beyond the 8500.)

b. Kensington Paul Klenk claims that Kensington's Thinking Mouse Extension causes a freeze on launch with WordPefect. Michael Sebrey writes that Kensington's TurboMouse MouseWorks 5.0.2 causes a freeze in the Finder, when running MacOS 7.6.1 on his 8500. However, several readers report not having any problems with the TurboMouse.

c. Sophisticated Circuits Mark Luffman writes that, when Sophisticated Circuits' PowerKey is attached, his 1710AV monitor is recognized - particularly on a cold start.

Update: Alan Danziger said that PowerKey version 1.0.1 works fine with his 1710 (he is using the original PowerKey, not PowerKey Pro). Sophisticated Circuits also wrote me. They claimed that, while they have seen some problems like this, they are not specific to PowerKey and most likely are due to problems with the ADB chain and/or the 1710 monitor itself.

d. Momentum Momentum, Inc. says to send technical support questions to their email address. Also be sure to get the latest software drivers (v. 4.6 currently) from their ftp site. (Thanks, Steve Merlin.)



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