<b>Microsoft Word 6's unwanted extras in Mac OS 8 on a PowerBook 3400

Microsoft Word 6's unwanted extras in Mac OS 8 on a PowerBook 3400

Several readers have reported a strange conflict between Microsoft Word 6.0.1 and Mac OS 8 that seems only to happen on PowerBook 3400 models. The exact symptom seems tovary from user to user, but the nature of the symptom is the same: a Word element keeps getting duplicated every time you do an action, such as pressing the return key.

The most common report is that of an additional ruler bar appearing after each press of the return key. As noted by Martin Berg, this has been an item of discussion on Apple's PowerBook Discussion Board. John Paff writes that he gets additional"window frames" after each carriage return. John reports that Apple's Control Strip control panel is the immediate cause; disable it at startup and the problem goes away.

Bill Wing notes that "opening a multipage document and deleting long strings of text using the delete key (enough text to force Word to bring up text from the next paragraph on the next page) will cause the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the window to be duplicated. Every line of text scrolled up brings another copy of the horizontal scroll bar." He reports that reducing the display to 16-color mode "fixes" the problem.


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