<b>Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.1:<br>

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.1:

Updated info on previously reported problems Regarding items posted last week about Explorer 3.0.1:

a. A reader claims that fixing the POP server problem should not require ISPs to reconfigure their servers. In particular, the reader claims that a document on POP3 standards "outlines what commands a client and server must support during the authorization state, none of which is AUTH. There are only two authentication methods supported, one is USER (followed by PASS) and the second is APOP. ISPs should not have to change their servers to accommodate Explorer's Mail and News nonstandard use of POP3 commands." The details here are a bit beyond my expertise. I leave it to others to sort all this out.

b. David Sholkoff writes with a clarification on Explorer 3.0.1's ability to restart an incomplete download. He says that Explorer will in fact not restart a partially completed download. What is the case is that Download Manager preferences limit the number of downloading files that can be in progress at one time: from a range of 2 to 8. Remaining selected files wait in a queue. If, as a result, you have a file that is waiting to be downloaded, but not yet begun when an interruption occurs - this file will automatically resume downloading when you reconnect and relaunch Explorer.

c. David Humphries reports that he too experienced the problem with Explorer freezing up when attempting to print a web page. At least in his case, Conflict Catcher 4 indicated that Shared Library Manager PPC was the problem. Replacing it with a new copy appeared to fix the problem.


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