Bluetooth BERO robot inspired by Android mascot

Control this cute 4-inch droid with your Bluetooth phone. It's a Kickstarter project now, but may be a real Android-style bot in the future.

BERO (right) was based on the Android robot, but Google hasn't approved it. Reality Robotics

If you've ever wanted your very own working Android robot, this Kickstarter project is something to watch.

Reality Robotics is fishing for funding for Be the Robot (BERO), a pint-size bot you can control with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

The programmable droid was inspired by the Android mascot, but since Google hasn't officially given its blessing to the project, it looks a little different. It can dance, avoid obstacles, and take commands from an open-source phone app.

BERO has onboard speakers, LED eyes, flashing headphones, and six motors that move its head, arms, and tank-style treads. It can boogie to WAV files on SD cards, and recharge via USB when its juice is low.

It also has two infrared sensors that can detect obstacles up to 3.5 inches away to the right, left, and front of the robot. An SPI sport allows for Arduino hacking.

Pledges starting at $79 get you a working BERO and more bucks gets you increased functionality. If you have $7,850 to spare, you'll get a trip to Hong Kong to see how BERO is made.

It's expected to ship in late November; improvements will include compatibility with iOS, Twitter, and MP3 files. Check out the promo vid below, which includes footage of a prototype Android-style robot.

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