Blu-ray Wednesday: The Japan edition

Sony unveils its fall lineup of players and recorders for the Japanese market.

Sony unveils Blu-ray players in Japan
Sony unveils Blu-ray products for the Japanese market at a press event in Tokyo. SonyInsider

Given all the Blu-ray players announced this week, it's clear not everyone got the memo with Samsung's prediction that it'll be just five years before the next-gen format gets bumped by another technology.

In addition to the two new Blu-ray players Panasonic unveiled at CEDIA, and Sony's high-end BDP S5000ES , announced at the same show, Sony also unveiled its fall lineup of players and recorders for the Japanese market on Wednesday.

Those devices won't be available to U.S. consumers, but given the global gadget economy, Blu-ray followers outside of Japan might want to take a gander, anyway. SonyInsider has lots of pics of the players, so head on over and see what you think.

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