Bloggers dismayed at Apple's response to iPod virus

Bloggers are not mincing words about Apple Computer's iPod virus gaffe.

The Cupertino, Calif., Mac maker on Tuesday said that some of its latest video iPods inadvertently shipped with a Windows virus. Apple apologized for the incident, but blamed it on a Windows computer used on the iPod production line of one of its contractors, which it didn't name.

iPod virus

A small number of video iPods made after Sept. 12 included the RavMonE virus, Apple said. The company has seen fewer than 25 reports of the problem, which it said does not affect other models of the media player, nor does it affect Macs. Apple took another jab at Microsoft in a statement on its Web site, saying:

"As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses, and even more upset with ourselves for not catching it."

Bloggers are showing signs of outrage and amazement at the way Apple is handling the issue, in particular compared to McDonald's, which had a similar incident with MP3 players it had distributed in Japan.

Blog community response:

"McDonalds promptly apologized and set up a help line for affected users. Apple promptly blamed Microsoft and apologized. Apple doesnÂ’t seem to get it. It isn't that there was a virus on the iPods, the issue is that they did not know what they were releasing. I don't expect McDonalds to understand technology, but Apple should."
--Randy Abrams, director of technical education at security company Eset

"So, Apple ships a bunch of iPods with a virus. And who do they blame? Hey, Apple, you shipped it. Show some class."
--Ed Bott, technology writer

"It's not a matter of which platform that the virus originated. The fact that it's found on the portable player means that there's an issue with how the quality checks, specifically the content check was done. This also indicates that through the manufacturing cycle, the base device from which the image was duplicated to the other devices in the manufacturing run, was connected to a PC that most probably did not have, and I quote their (Apple's) press release, 'up to date anti-virus software which is included with most Windows computers.'"
--Jonathan Poon, Microsoft employee

"Yesterday Apple announced that a small number of 5.5 gen video iPods were infected by a Windows virus and then shipped off to customers. They took this opportunity to mock Windows, which was in poor taste. Apple, you made a mistake and you should have just fessed up to it without the childish name calling."
--The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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