Blinking question mark after updating to Mac OS 7.6: a follow-up

Blinking question mark after updating to Mac OS 7.6: a follow-up

Yesterday's MacInTouch reports that if you have the problem where you lose access to your hard disk after updating to Mac OS 7.6 (due to having HD SC Setup 7.1.2 or older installed before you update), you may still be able to recover the files by updating the disk with a third party driver. When we first reported this problem a couple of weeks ago, we received some reports of success with a third party driver update and other reports that said it did not work. In any case, it certainly seems worth a try before you give up on the data.

On a related note, several readers have asked me how you can tell what version of Apple HD SC Setup was used to format your drive. As it turns out, I have not found any easy way to determine this. Any one have the solution?

Update: What does not work for checking the driver version number Several readers have now written in with a suggested answer. The two most common are (1) Select Get Info for the drive icon and check the Where line or (2) Run Disk First Aid (7.2.2 or later) and look under the icon of the drive. The first suggestion does not work for Apple HD SC Setup (although it typically works for third-party drivers). As for the Disk First Aid suggestion, I could not get it to work on my Mac. The search continues.

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