Blink to control this Flappy Bird clone on Google Glass

BlinkyBird is a new Flappy Bird clone from Nothing Labs that brings the addictive game directly to your eyeballs, thanks to Google Glass.

In case we needed any more evidence that the world as we know it is doomed, Google Glass owners can now play a clone of Flappy Bird using only their eyeballs.

On Tuesday, Richard Olson of Nothing Labs released BlinkyBird for Google Glass , which lets Glass owners control the onscreen bird by double-blinking (totally the new double-clicking). The basic gameplay is as simple as the original addictive game; players blink to keep their onscreen bird afloat and navigate through obstacles with the goal of getting as far as you can without dying.

If blinking is too weird for you (and, really, it should be), you can change the settings to use Glass' slightly less awkward touchpad. Yes, you read that right: Your options with BlinkyBird are to walk around furiously blinking your eyelids or rapidly tapping on the side of your face. Play for too long, and some people in a white van could whisk you away!

Despite how silly the concept is, BlinkyBird is probably a lot of fun, and if you just have to get your gaming fix in on Google Glass, you can head over to the BlinkyBird page and give the free game a download.

(Via Hackaday)

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