Bling your Xmas tree with SLRs and Polaroid cameras

Add a photographer's touch to your conifer with these camera-inspired decorations.

camera ornaments

Can't get enough of cameras this festive season? The folks at Photojojo have thought of a way to make photography a part of the holiday cheer with their very own Photojojo Tree Bling.

Made in Poland, these camera-inspired ornaments are made to look like miniature replicas of film-era single-lens reflex and Polaroid SX70 instant cameras. The trinkets are constructed from blown glass and furnished with a metallic top. Measuring just 3 inches tall, the ornaments are handpainted with glitter accents and topped off with silver trimmings.

We think they'd make good conversation starters when you have your shutterbug friends over. What to do with them after Christmas? You could probably repurpose them into a dashboard ornament or pretty paperweight.

Should you decide to deck the halls with some Photojojo Tree Bling, they can be had for $25 each at the official Web site.


(Source: Crave Asia)

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